Why most companies prefer internal hiring over public job listings

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Most startups are usually more inclined to hire internally because of one major things; TRUST!

If you take a typical hiring process, a company would have to list their available positions on public job boards feeling plenty of form criterias for the desired candidate, now because startups are usually lean they don't have the pleasure of hiring an entire HR to handle to review candidates applications, it would probably be the founders or the senior staff themselves that would have to review all the rolling applications.

Now the advantage to internal hiring is that it cuts down that process drastically because you have given the engineers or the staff the chance to not only get people that already know and trust in their work, but also believes they will be a perfect culture fit and also someone that cares about the project.

So my advice to engineers is that, yes improving yourself professional is strongly adviced but at the same don't neglect networking as it might be very crucial to how you manage to land your next position.

These are some of the ways I think you could start reaching out to people in order to build your network