Wohoo!!! Just started my youtube channel

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TLDR; Just started my youtube channel called Banaana. Only have two subscribers 1 intro video upload but regardless, it feels exhilarating!!!

I woke up this morning with a strong feeling of accomplishment! A strange feeling I must say, a feeling I've longed to wake up with for a long time. I believe the reason why I haven't been able to feel this way is because I haven't been able to meet most of the deadlines I've been setting for myself both personally and professionally.

So on one fasted thursday evening, feeling so physically and mentally drained; I made the declaration to start my youtube channel on that same evening (as tired as I was) I was tired of all the excuses I've been giving myself since 2020. As the saying goes the best time to start doing something was 15years ago, the second best time is now. So I dragged myself and reached for my scarlet focusrite audio interface and audio technica dynamic mic (yes, I bought those waay back in 2020 as well) and just hit the record button on audacity.

I opened up my final cut pro simultaneously with a 20mins beginner video tutorial on youtube to get things started.

I constantly repeated to myself YES YOU CAN DO IT! If you're able to defy all the feelings you have at the present moment and discipline yourself to do it now then there is a strong and beaming light at the end of your tunnel , and so I listened to that voice and managed to randomly recored different terribly sounding tracks as well as quickly design some graphic assets on figma to use for the video and boom!!! It's a break of a new dawn for me and my career.

They say starting is always the hardest, but I also believe maintaining that momentum and being disciplined and consistent is equally difficult!

It's a very exciting new journey and can't wait to see what the future holds for me.

Ohh sorry here is the first video - Support ya boy will ya! 😁