Digital Garden

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This blog is meant to serve as my digital garden. What do I mean by that?

Well if you take a garden for example, you get to plant different varieties of things, flowers, crops you name it. In order for what's in your garden to grow you have to make conscious effort of nurturing it until the reach their maximum potential at which point might require less attention from you.

So deciding to spend all day watering them will not make them grow all at once, you need to be patient and caring for you to see them grow and other people to appreciate them.

Just like your typical garden, my thoughts (posts) might not appear fully formed all at once, it might also require that constant editing and tweaking before it becomes complete, failure to do that might just be that I have deemed that post to be irrelevant, and that's okay, I still don't mind having it in the garden to serve as a reminder for me in the future that at one point in time I planted something of that nature.

So in conclusion, this space is for me to experiment all the work I've done, currently working on or completed, thoughts that might not even be relevant to my work; whatever it might be, I'm going to be posting it. There is no place for drafts in my garden. Every content is going to be published!