Gtbanks bank app preserves context like no other

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Earlier today I was trying to make a quick transaction to a friend using the gtworld bank app, btw the user experience of making a transfer in the updated gtbank is way better than it was before (topic for another day). What stood out to me was how for the first time I saw a banking app preserving context smoothly.

Basically, I was on the final step of completing the transfer which required my transaction PIN when I suddenly received a phone call to which I had to pick, after I was done with the call, I went back to the app then I noticed two things; My user session has not expired and secondly I picked up where I left off which was to input my transaction PIN and voila!!! Everything worked like a charm.

This is truly commendable I must admit because not only GTbank has really simplified the user flow of about 6 to 7 steps down to only 3 - 4 steps they also managed to add the context preservation mentioned eariler